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  1. WE-CD2000 Inspection System for Car
  2. WE-CD2000 Inspection System for Car
  3. WE-CD2000 Inspection System for Car

WE-CD2000 Inspection System for Car

  • No.:WE-CD2000
  • Brand :WEIEN
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This detector is mainly designed to find out the illegal objects , or hiding smuggling  person underneath the bottom of  various cars. It works more accurate and faster than the traditional security checking mirror under the car, witch inturn greatly reduce the investment of  human resources.


 Features :


  1.Adopting digital linear array scanning cameras, with high clarity and

image resolution.

  2. Can take very clear and complete picture of the whole bottom of the car 

    and can see objects whose diameter is bigger than 2mm.

  3. Can adjust inspection process according to different site .

  4. Can surveillance  various sites with video recording and pictures.

  5. Can recognize the identity of car through images and the RFID technology.

  6. The operating interface is designed in many languages.

  7. With strong scalability, it can be easily linked with various other systems, so as 

to  perform more advanced control  (such as connect with the anti-collision system,   

and walking-through brake system, etc.).

   8.High pressure seismic prevention with IP68 protection, and can be employed

under any kind of climate.

  9.Several devices can work together to detect  with connection to the internet.



  Technical Indicators:


  1. The longitudinal image resolution: 2048 pixels;

  2. Inspection view: ≧40m

  3. Car Speed : 1-65km/h

  4.Efficient angle of view: ≧170°

  5.Auxiliary lighting:  100w

  6. Load capacity : >30 T

  7. Water-proof Level: IP68 can adjust to any kind of climate for a  whole day

  8. Weight of the Scanning Device: 28 KG

  9. Volume of the Scanning Device:   410 mm ×370mm× 93mm

  10. . Communication interface: RS232/RS422

  11.Storage Temperature: -40°- +75°

  12.Working Temperature: -10°- 60°

  13.Working pressure : 110-240v  AC;  50-60 HZ.


Where to use:


1.Government departments like airports, prisons, customs,and the entrances-exit  port of large public places.

2.The entrance and exit of  cars in those places holding large-scale activities or exhibitions.

3.For the safety inspection of security, explosion-proof, forces at the bottom of the vehicle


WE-CD2000 Inspection System for Car
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