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WE-CD1000 under vehicle surveillance system:

Integrating advanced computer technology, image processing technology, video-frequency processing technology with optical technology, this system, making use of Alto digital image processing device which coordinates with the configured light source with uniform lighting of full w viewing field, scans the bottoms of the vehicles under inspection which pass over the system, quickly transmits the digital signal Alto to farther receiving and processing system beyond the safe distance, completes the scanning of vehicle bottoms through such steps as collection, processing and image synthesis, displays current sharp images of vehicle bottoms, collects front images of vehicles by using camera set at the front end and make associated store for the front images and the bottom images for the convenience of identification and inspection of vehicles. This system mainly uses correctional technology for long-distance transmission distortion of digital signals, viewing field deformation correction technology, real-time image synthesis and display technology and image denoising and enhancement technology and so on, fully demonstrating the advance of this system.

Features of WE-CD1000 under vehicle surveillance system:

1.     Adopt the scanning image to carry out automatic detection of the vehicles. Compared to the hand-carried scan mirror, this system is more convenient for observation and reducing personnel and has greater utilization ratio.

2.     The vehicles pass the under vehicle collection device at a speed of 5-20km/h, and the system will automatically show the Alto sharp and complete vehicle chassis image and all information collected under vehicles. The system will automatically generate a file every day according to the calculation date and automatically store the vehicle bottom images in the file for viewing later.

3.     The vehicle appearance image and license plate image can automatically identify license plate number and plate color. The system can make real time observation on the vehicle chassis, snap partial vehicle chassis and display it on the same screen of vehicle bottom image. The system also has the function of vehicle counting and automatic storage and establishes the one-to-one relationship.

4.     Special-purpose under vehicle surveillance system software is easy for operation and can realize local complete distortionless zooming of images without restriction on zooming or rotating times. Panoramic guidance is achieved and it takes less than 1 second to take the images from the file.

5.     The operational software can equilibrate, contrast and sharpen the vehicle bottom images and make selective enlargement of the vehicle bottom by using magnifying glass. The software also has the function of access and printing.

6.     The data of bottoms of passed vehicles can be viewed in a more flexible way through previous page and next page.

7.     The device is equipped with inductive imaging and lighting control system.

8.     The engine case is waterproof, dustproof and resistant to pressure.

9.     Provide rapid access according to date and time.

10.  The device is divided into portable type and stationary type, which can be specially designed in accordance with requirements of customers.

Connection diagram:

Parameters of WE-CD1000 under vehicle surveillance system :

1.     Operating Voltage:AC 110-240V 50Hz/60Hz;

2.     Operating Current: 3A;

3.     Operating temperature:-20℃~+55;

4.     Dimensions:730mm×630mm×1000mm.

Under vehicle collection device:

1.     Operating Voltage:AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz;

2.     Operating Current: 2.2A;

3.     Operating temperature:-20℃~+55;

4.     Dimensions:545mm×355mm×60mm.

License plate number collection device:

1.     Operating Voltage: AC24V;

2.     Operating Current: 500mA;

3.     Operating temperature:-20℃~+55;

4.     Dimensions:320mm×125 mm×110 mm.

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