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  1. WE-CD1 Pocket Search Mirrors
  2. WE-CD1 Pocket Search Mirrors

WE-CD1 Pocket Search Mirrors

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Description: Pocket Search Mirrors provide a quick and effective visual search capability for law enforcement officers and for individuals with personal security concerns. In addiction, specialized task units often require a similar capability optimized for tactical use. A compact search mirror that can be carried as an aid to personal security or as an individual issue by operational personnel. Fitted with a convex glass mirror, telescopic arm and a miniature flashlight. The CMT folds flat for carrying in a jacket/uniform pocket or bag and weighs only 260g(9.2oz) . The pocket mirror can be adjusted for angle and provides a wide field of view. The unique telescopic handle extends to 460mm(18.1in) and is completely rigid to ensure a stable image. The integral flashlight can be used with the mirror open or closed. A tactical version of the pocket search mirror fitted with an acrylic mirror. The TACM can be used in operational scenarios (e.g. police SWAT) where unobtrusive close in observation is required by individual officers. During IEDD tasks the TACM allows a quick confirmatory visual check to be made before positive action is taken against a suspected hazardous device. The small, lightweight and similar situations where other visual search mirrors would be too large or widely. Supplied with 2x AAA batteries and a spare lamp in a stowage compartment. Maximum Strength and Reliability 1--Under Vehicle Search Mirror Equipped with adjustable swivel for infinite adjustment 2--Has a heavy duty extruded rubber rim to help prevent damaging objects when maneuvering 3--Small flashlight can be used both in open and closed. 4--Can be folded and put into pocket 5--Supply two AAA batteries and a spare lamp 6--For indoor or outdoor use 7--Equipped with carry case Equipped with a glass mirror, telescopic boom and a mini-flashlight 8--Material: The mirror is with Acrylic mirror Frame is with aluminum material Package information: 1--Unit package dimension: 18*10*5cm Unit package weight: 0.4kg 2--36 pcs for one carton Carton (36 pcs) package information: 40*37*24cm Carton (36 pcs) package weight: 13kg

WE-CD1 Pocket Search Mirrors
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