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    WE-LD03 Liquid Detector

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    WE-LD03 Our WE-LD03 Liquid Detector, it is the only one used the ray of Compton backscatter scanning (CBS) which is the most advanced technology in the world. Therefore, it can detect the flammable, explosive and corrosive liquid successfully. It identifies the liquid quickly, safely and accurately. The most advantage is that it touches the container and let you know the liquid safe or not, without opening the container. It meets the security requirement both domestic and oversea flight.


    1. High intelligent: control by the intelligent chip, embedded system, high integrated design. 

    2. Detection time: 1-3 seconds for the checking and show you the result. 

    3. Easy to operate: you can touch the LCD screen and use. 

    4. Safe: use the most advanced technology of CBS, no harm to the liquid. 

    5. Accuracy: Establish the accurate test data. And you can add the types of liquid. 

    6. High sensitivity. 

    7. Good function: detect all kinds of liquid, won’t be effect by the size or package of the liquid. 

    8. Container material: plastic/glass/metal/ceramic. 

    9. Working time: more than 20000 hours, the life of the equipment more than 10 years. 

    Technical Parameters: 

    1. Size: 540mm×500mm×440mm 

    2. Weight:≤35kg 

    3. Container material: plastic/glass/metal/ceramic 

    4. Power:AC 110/220V 

    5. Rate: Standby:5W,Work:50W 

    6. Working temperature:0-40°C 

    7. Radiation:≤1μSv/h 

    8. Detection time:1~3 seconds 

    9. Liquid volume:80~5000ml 

    10. Alarm method:Alarm and light Identify dangerous liquid: More than 30 sorts: Gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil , hydrochloric acid , sulfuric acid , nitric acid , sodium hydroxide , potassium hydroxide , isopropyl ether , petroleum ether, propionaldehyde, benzene, carbon disulfide, hexane, isopropanol, nitromethane, diethylamine , tris the trihalomethanes , ethylene glycol, xylene and other flammable, corrosive liquids

    WE-LD03 Liquid Detector
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