Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror


    • No.: WE-CD4
    • Brand :WEIEN
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    1. Detailed information

    Function introduction:

    WE-CD4 visual under vehicle inspection mirror is our company’s latest product. It’s with a video camera at the bottom of the equipment. This product design adapted with high-definition wide-angle camera imaging principle replaces the curved surface of the optical reflection, coupled with the built-in infrared camera head lamp device, greatly reducing the ambient light of the inspection requirements. The use of 7-inch high definition LCD screen can restore the image, which is also intuitive clear. Greatly improve the reliability of the inspection and convenience. It is widely used in searching the bottom of the vehicles, theater and other public market, such as tables and chairs not visible under the part of the checks to help prevent security issues from occurring’


    Use scope

    Used to examine the car, machine, warehouse, schools, factories, equipment, or other areas to watch the ideal directly, it can be used to check mirrors airport security, parking area, military, private individuals, etc


    Product features:

    1. The display uses color pigment 265 million TFT LCD digital. Exclusive exploitation has driven plate, about five times the image and strong function of electronic variable light etc. Make your picture more bright-colored, color more lifelike.

    2. SONY, a CCD camera using sensor, 3-5 meters, make you even in infrared night also apply to normal.

    3. Using aircraft type triangular wheels, operation, use lighter more comfortable.



    1. Working voltage: DC12V.

    2. 220mA: working current.

    3. Specification: 3.5 inch TFT LCD digital.

    4. Resolution: 320 * 240

    5. Analytic: 420 line level.

    6. Power supply: use rechargeable lithium battery protection.

    7. SONY CCD camera: the sensor.

    8. Wide-angle lens perspective: 120 °.

    9. Infrared distance: 3-5 meters.



    Product parameters

    1. Display: 7 inches TFT LCD screen

    2. Camera: 1 / 3 inch SONY CCD

    3. Viewing Angle: 135 degrees

    4. Power Supply: DC-12V (battery powered)

    5. Packing Size: 880 * 315 * 160mm (3 support / box)

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