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Auto fire extinguisher

  • No.:WE-AFE01
  • Brand :WEIEN
  • Weight:1.07 Kg
  1. Detailed information

WE-AFE01 is innovative fire extinguisher that is revolutionary in both the design and working principles. WE-AFE01 comes in the form of a glass cylinder filled with a chemical solution that will activate automatically at elevated temperatures in case of fire. WE-AFE01 has a different set of working principles from conventional fire extinguisher in that the former can function in an automatic mode, manual throwing or diluting with water. WE-AFE01 can be called the “three-in-one”innovative extinguisher.

1. Composing: A Glass bottle filled with the liquid that could put out the fire; 2 stainless steel sleeves; 1 stainless steel bracket; 3 screws for fixing.

2. Size: 307*88*62 mm;

3. Weight: 1.07 Kg

4. Cubage: 600 cc

5. Protection Area: 8 M² , if the height is higher than 3 metres, the area is 8M³.

6. Setup height: ≤1.8M is better. 

7. The pressure inside to burst out: 7.5±0.5kg/CM²

8. Startup Temperature: About 85℃ 

9. dimension: 36*11*9cm/pc; 10pcs/ctn

Auto fire extinguisher
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