Comparison microscope

  1. Comparison microscope
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Comparison microscope

  • No.:WEXZB5D
  • Brand :WEIEN
  • Weight:23KG
  1. Detailed information

WEXZB-5D comparison microscope is a new product developed based on our years’ experiences and adopting domestic and foreign essences. This product successfully solves the problem of width line’s width and its identical adjusting (the technology of which tops national technology secreting program.), and so makes the main technology features of comparison microscope tops International advanced grade.

WEXZB-5D is updated based on WEXZB-5C, which does not only keeps XZB-5C’s excellent technology features, but also improves images’ quality and magnification, adopting built-in CCD, digital camera video recording, and increasing illumination ways and various accessories, structure modeling more beautiful, rational, reliable, to make instrument exerts functions of comparison and identifying.

This product is ideal instrument of public, examination, court to make documentation examination and trace examination, and for related school teaching, (for cartridge, tool trace, finger print, marks, characters, coins comparison). Also for field and departments of bank, archaeology, electricity, biology, agriculture comparison and identification. 

Comparison microscope
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