Body detector

    WE-BIS02 Body inspection system

    • No.:WE-BIS02
    • Brand :WEIEN
    • Weight:700kg
    1. Detailed information

    Personnel Inspection System uses the world's most advanced technology, not only can detect the non-metallic objects carried by personnel, but also can detect the hidden drugs, bombs and other special-shaped material. The detector not only can display images, but also reported figures for different objects; it can accurately and effectively identifies and removes hidden danger.

    Due to its perspective image, which not prominent the surface features, it can protect the privacy of individual more effectively; it will be the mainstream of detection equipment in the near future.

    The device is widely used in mine, subway, court, bank, airport, hall, anti-drugs, prison, printing, jewelry, military factories, state agencies, and other special focus.

    Key performance indicators:

    Spatial resolution: line pair diameter 1 mm

    Line resolution: single copper core diameter 0.0787mm

    Single detection time < 3s

    Single detection dose: <  0.05 μGy

    Operating environment, temperature: -10~40, humidity: 0~90%

    Storage environment, temperature: -10~60, humidity: 10%~90%

    Power consumption: 800W

    Largest size: Height:2600mm width: 2100mm depth: 2600mm

    Gross weight: 700kg

    WE-BIS02 Body inspection system
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