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  1. WE-BIS01Personnel inspection system
  2. WE-BIS01Personnel inspection system
  3. WE-BIS01Personnel inspection system

WE-BIS01Personnel inspection system

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Personnel Inspection Systems

1.Generation, metal detection

Such device has no imaging system, but only the alarm function. It can only detects metal objects, powerless for non-metal objects. It is currently the most used security equipment in public places such as airport.

2.Body surface detection

Such device uses X-ray back-scattering technology or millimeter-wave technology, it needs both sides of body body detected, it can detect objects carried outside the body, powerless for hidden "built-in suicide bomb" and drugs.

Currently it is used in small-scale in UK, US and some other countries. Because it shows the image of body surface, which violates the privacy of individual, it is given the name of "naked security detector". The wide usage of it is questionable.

3.Intrinsic detection

Shenqiang series Personnel Inspection System uses the world's most advanced technology, not only can detect the non-metallic objects carried by personnel, but also can detect the hidden drugs, bombs and other special-shaped material. The detector not only can display images, but also reported figures for different objects; it can accurately and effectively identifies and removes hidden danger.

Due to its perspective image, which not prominent the surface features, it can protected the privacy of individual more effectively, 神枪 series will be the mainstream of detection equipment in the near future.

The device is widely used in mine, subway, court, bank, airport, hall, anti-drugs, prison, printing, jewelry, military factories, state agencies, and other special focus.

According to the different needs of customers, we can provide different types:

5050AB type 5060AB type

5070AB type 5080AB type

5090AB type 5100AB type


Key performance indicators:

Spatial resolution: line pair diameter 1.6mm

Line resolution: single copper core diameter 0.211mm

Single detection time < 2s

Single detection dose: <  0.25uSv

Operating environment, temperature: -10~40, humidity: 0~90%

Storage environment, temperature: -10~60, humidity: 10%~90%

Power consumption: < 600W

Largest size: Height:1700mm width: 400mm depth: 880mm

Gross weight: < 150kg*2


Full parameters please refer to specific models

Check the kinds

Average dose ( uSv)


Average dose ( uSv)

alimentary canal exposure


Natural noumenon(1 year)


cervical vertebra exposure


10 hr flight(high altitude)


Shenqiang series body security detector



Aircrew cosmic radiation control standards(DBZ140-2002)

Control standards

Aircrew effective occupational exposure dose should not exceed 20mSv/a

From the date of discovery of pregnancy, female aircrew during the remaining pregnancy time should adopt additional control measures, the cumulative dose received of the abdomen (lower trunk) surface should not exceed 1mSv.

According to authoritative testing, the product of our company gives a safe testing dose of 0.25uSv, less than 3 minutes plane flying dose accepted by natural radiation, so our product will cause no harm to body body.


Advantages of Shenqiang Personnel Inspection Systems:

  1. Full types of detection


  1. Protect the privacy of individual


  1. High detect efficiency


  1. Low detection dose


  1. High cost-effective rate


  1. Customized production


  1. Complete authoritative certification


  1. Sustainable guaranteed after-sales service


  1. Special alarm function


  1. Accurate detection of the carriage of explosive, detonator, lighter, ink, jewelry, etc

  2. Effective detection of the metal, non-metallic, liquid, powder and other portable objects inside and outside the body

  3. Non-stop detection, quickly and efficiently, ensure the smooth flow


  1. Detection dose is close to the natural background, cause no harm to body

  2. Respect privacy, not prominent surface features


  1. Small footprint, light weight, flexible

WE-BIS01Personnel inspection system
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