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    WE-001Digital walk-through metal detector

    • No.:WE-001
    • Brand :WEIEN
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    1. Detailed information

    WE-001 Digital Walk-Through Metal Detector, is a fixedly installed inspection equipment used for detecting metallic articles carried by people. When any person passes through the WE-001 Digital Walk-Through Metal Detector and the carried metal exceeds the preset parameter, an alarm will be triggered and the location will be shown and thus the inspector can find the forbidden metallic articles carried by the person immediately. 

    Technical parameters:

    OPS: AC 100V ~ 240V  50 / 60Hz

    Actual power consumption: < 10W

    Signal freq.: 7000Hz ~ 8999Hz, adjustable

    Operating ambient temperature: -20 ~ 45°C

    Operating ambient humidity: ≤ 98%

    Weight of entire packaged product: Approx: 70kg

    Overall dimension: H 2220MM x W 820MM x D 500MM

    Passage size: H 2000MM x W 700MM x D 500MM


    I. Accurate localization: Six overlapped netlike detection locations, double side emission, double side reception, accurate localization of detected articles and visual display of objects.

    II. Multi-location alarming: More than one metal position can be localized at the same time.

    III. Microprogramming technology: The electromagnetic wave used for scanning can be generated by the control circuit of microcomputer and the scanning rate can be controlled accurately. The program can be set via the control panel according to the requirement in order to ensure flexible, reliable and stable sensitivity setting.

    IV. Compound circuit design: The infrared scattering device with quick sensing and automatic computer identification functions can help to reduce false alarms and alarm failures. The number alarms and passed persons can be recorded automatically.

    V. Digital pulse technology: A digital signal processing and filtering system with perfect EMI resistance is provided.

    VI. Adjustable sensitivity: Each detection location has been provided with 300 sensitivity levels (0 ~ 299), and therefore the location can be adjusted to an available sensitivity according to the detection requirement (the higher the set value is, the higher the sensitivity will be). An integral sensitivity can be realized through adjusting the six locations at the same time.

    VII. Password setting: Change of parameters regarding program and sensitivity etc. is only allowed after the password is entered correctly. The password consists of four figures set freely by users (Note: The passwords with regard to setting items of the system are unchangeable).

    VIII. Serial port communication: Data communication interfaces are reserved for online operation.

    IX. Modular design: The adopted modular design realizes easy installation and troubleshooting.

    X. High impact resistance design / manufacturing: High impact / bump resistance when no one passes through. The stand-by or normal operation modes can be kept in good conditions regardless of any external factor.

    XI. Magnetic field emission technology: The product can meet the popular international safety standard and the weak magnetic field technology has been adopted and therefore does no harm to pacemaker users, pregnant women, floppy disks, films and videotapes etc.

    Where to use:

    1.Airports, seaport and public transportations

    2.Banks and financial institutions

    3.Schools and sports stadiums

    4.Churches and lecture halls

    5.Hospital ER and MRI room

    6.Hotels, conference centers and casinos

    7.Courthouses, police facilities and government

    WE-001Digital walk-through metal detector
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