Weien walk through metal detector

    WE-MR-I Radiation and Metal detector

    • No.:WE-MR-I
    • Brand :WEIEN
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    1. Radiation & Metal detection metal door. 

    2. Gamma sensitive radiation detection. 

    3. With the Ion Mobility Spectrometry Technology, Detecting Explosives and Drug; Audible Alarm Activated as Explosives or Drugs Detected 

    4. Rapid, Accurate, Sensitive, and Non-Contact Inspection, Applicable for High Flow Rate Inspection 

    5. Super metal sensitivity. 

    8. Will not affect pregnant women, heart pacemakers or magnetic storage mediums like video tapes, memory sticks etc. 

    9. Displays and records the number of people tested, the number of alarms 

    10. Advanced DSP system prevents interference irrespective of location. 

    11. Uses the latest magnetic capacitor and digitally technology. 

    12. Edge lights indicate the area that metal has been detected in. 

    13. Inspection rate: two persons a second. 

    14. Can be connected to a separate computer to record all data. 

    15. 100 levels of sensitivity available. 

    16. Can detect small coins. 

    Technical specifications: 

    1. Electric Supply: 90V-250V AC; 50/60Hz. 

    2. Power consumption: < 35W. 

    3. Temperature range: -20℃~60℃. 

    4. Size: 2000(high) x 820(wide) x 500(deep) mm. 

    5. Tunnel size: 1950(high) x 700(wide) x 500(deep) mm. 

    6. Net Weight: 70kg.

    WE-MR-I Radiation and Metal detector
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