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    WE-004LCD Screen metal detector(upgrated version)

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    • Brand :WEIEN
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    1. Detailed information

    Technical Specification

    Power Supply: 110V or 220V  60/50Hz

    Actual Power Dissipation: < 35VA

    Signal Frequency: 6KHz~9Khz adjustable 

    Ambient Temperature: -20℃~45℃

    Relative Humidity: < 100% no condensation

    Packed Weight: about 90kg

    Outer Frame: (H)2220MM×(W)820MM×(D)500MM

    Inner Frame: (H)2000MM×(W)700MM×(D)500MM

    Packing Size: (L)2280 MM×(W)580 MM×(H)200 MM (L)756 MM×(W)280 MM×(H)462MM


    1. Exact positioning: Multi-channel metal detector with six overlapping detection zones. The zones create a sequential sine-wave magnetic field within the detection area of the WTMD. With overlapping construction, sensitivity differences are minimized when metal objects of different shape pass through the WTMD in various orientations. The product has a unique configuration of the transmit-receive coil. This provides double-side transmission and double-side reception performance. Then the equipment can position the detected object exactly and indicate the alarm position directly.

    2. Microprocessor technology: Scanning speed of the electromagnetic wave created by microcomputer control circuit can be controlled exactly. According to requirements, user can set program by using control panel, which makes sure that sensitivity setting is flexible, reliable and stable.

    3. Composite circuit layout: The equipment has a counter that registers the number of persons passed through and the number of alarms. The counter uses Photoelectric Beam Detector, which can respond quickly and sends the identifiable signal to computer, then decreases the false alarms, the unwanted alarms and false counting.

    4. DSP technology: The equipment uses digital signal processor to get reliable function of the metal detector, versatile features, and user friendly operation. In addition, this provides the best interference immunity.

    5. Adjustable sensitivity: There is 200-step (0~199) adjustable sensitivity in each detecting zone, and user can define the sensitivity of each individual zone and system-level sensitivity according to application required.

    6. Password protection: System password is 4 digital, which can be set by user. ONLY the password has been inputted correctly that user can change program, sensitivity and other parameters.

    7. Serial communication: The equipment can connect to computer through the retained data communication interface.

    8. Modular design: With modular design, the equipment is installed easily and user can remove the faults quickly.

    9. The best anti-impact performance: The equipment has the best anti-impact performance under the condition that nobody passes through the WTMD.

    10. Electromagnetic sine wave field technology: Transmitter sine-wave causes decaying eddy currents in metal objects inside the sensing area of the WTMD. The signal induces to the receiver by the eddy currents is sampled and processed in the electronics unit. The equipment is based on weak electromagnetic field technology, so its use according the instructions does NOT, pursuant to currently international safety standard, cause and health risks to pregnant women, persons with pacemaker, floppy disk, films and tapes.

    Where to use:

    1.Airports, seaport and public transportations

    2.Banks and financial institutions

    3.Schools and sports stadiums

    4.Churches and lecture halls

    5.Hospital ER and MRI room

    6.Hotels, conference centers and casinos

    7.Courthouses, police facilities and government

    WE-004LCD Screen metal detector(upgrated version)
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