Weien handheld metal detector

  1. MD-5-II Mini metal detector
  2. MD-5-II Mini metal detector

MD-5-II Mini metal detector

  • No.:MD-5-II Mini
  • Brand :WEIEN
  • Weight:
  1. Detailed information

Mini metal detector; Easy to use, can be put into pocket; 

Good sensitivity. Features: 

(1) Light, easy to use, can put into your pocket. 

(2) High quality ABS housing. 

(3) Can use for 48hours. 

(4) Audible alarm, let you know when it detects the metal. 

Technology parameters: 

1. Working frequency: 22Khz 

2. Working temperature range: –15 to 55℃ 

3. Colors: transparent, black or blue. 

4. Power: One 9 volt battery. 

8. Dimensions: 185(L)×50(W)×25(H)mm. 

9. Weight: 100g. 

Detection distance: 

1. Pin:10-20mm 

2. Coin:50mm 

3. Gun:120mm 

4. Knife:130mm 

Where to use: 

1. Police, Army & Security 

2. Electronics factory 

3. Airports, seaport and public transportations 

4. Banks and financial institutions 

5. Schools and sports stadiums 

6. Churches and lecture halls

MD-5-II Mini metal detector
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