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    • No.:WE-FB03
    • Brand :WEIEN
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    WE-FB03 Can bear 1.5KG TNT or equal (After blaster, outside of the basket is complete, no crack, no shedding blocks.) Four casters fixed at the bottom-Convenient to move.

     Inside net to fix the explosive article Technical specification 

    1. Material: Carbon steel (High-strength, impact-resistant, compliant to standard GB700-1988) 

    2. Outside diameter: 660mm 

    3. Inside diameter: 630mm 

    4. Depth: 654mm 

    5. Height: 747mm 

    6. Bottom thick: 15mm 

    7. Cylindrical side thick: 10mm 

    8. Net Weight: 270kg Product life: No blaster, lifetime use; after one blaster, mission done. Bomb Cans WE-FB03 can prevent the horizontal diffusion of shock waves and debris, after bomb blasting. In this way, this bomb dustbin protects surrounding people, valuable instrument, antique, and so on. Application: Police, army, court yard, airport, train station, sea port, subway, shopping mall, and all crowded important location. 

    Application attentions: 

    1. Put the bomb inside the basket; pull it to the open area immediately. (Better be acted by EOD robot or expert) 

    2. Make sure at last 6 meters upon the bomb basket is clear- nothing exists. 

    3. No building bearing beam, no chandelierhts or any other friable articles up the bomb basket. 

    4. All people should be at least 4 meters away. 

    5. Cover your ears, if you are close to this bomb dustbin. National Standard:

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