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    WE-ZYW01 Portable Explosive and

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    Introduction: WE-ZYW04 Portable Detector for Explosive and Drug is a new product designed to detect black powder , explosives an drugs. As it utilizes the Photoionization Ion Mobility Spectrometry,(PIMS) technology ,so it has no radiative source inside the design thus do no harm to human health. This product has many advantages such as fast analysis speed , high sensibility, low consumption, easy yo move and maintenance, and high adaptability to the environment. Three Unique Advantages: 1.It is global initiative which does not utilize any radioactive source ion migration technology, thus more safe, convenient, and can accurately analyze the composition of explosives. 2. It is the only one in the world that can detect explosives even precisely to the nanogram level. 3. It only needs 8s to analyze the components of the object and output the result immediately, big faster than the security detection product of the same class. Technical indicators: 1. The lowest limit (sensitivity) :1 nanogram TNT standard explosive. 2. Detection objects: Taian, black powder, ammonium nitrate, TNT, RDX, nitroglycerin, octo gold (HMX), dinitrotoluene (DNT), tetryl, 6 nitro stilbene, kino and various kinds of military, civilian and home-made explosives, etc. 3. How to pick samples: two ways- direct air sampling or wipe sampling; 4. Waiting time for a single test: less than 3s if air sampling is employed. 5. Recovery Time after alarming: this product don’t need any spare time to recover because it can work continually for a long time . 6. How to operate: it is equipped with display screen ,so easy to operate 7. Ways to alarm: three patterns: sound alarming , LED indicator, and LCD graphical display. 8. Rate of mis-reporting :<1% 9. Performance interface: The operation interface are all in English. Users can adjust the working parameters according to the working environment around it . 10. It can connect to the computer through the USB port or Bluetooth. Memory can be stored for 30 days of the continuous test data.

    WE-ZYW01 Portable Explosive and
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