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    WE-ZYW03 Bomd detector

    • No.:WE-ZYW03
    • Brand :WEIEN
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    1. Detailed information

    Introduction: WE-ZYW03 Bomb detector is mainly designed to detect black powder ,explosives and drugs.

    It is accurate in a very fast speed : 6s later you can get the detection result. Five Advantages: 

    1. Without radioactive source, no harm to human body ,safe and convenient. 

    2. Can precisely analyze the components of the explosives and drugs in a astonishing speed: 6s . 

    3. Can print the detection result conveniently anytime because it has a printer inside . 

    4. The most accurate nanogram level can be detected, including Fireworks, civil home-made explosives, etc. 

    5. Can accelerate the cleaning process and increase the recovery time through the unique renewable gas purification system. 


    1.Fast speed and high sensitivity, low power consumption 

    2.Strong adaptability to environment 

    3.Easy to move and maintenance. 

    4. All the detection process can be performed with one-click ,simple operation 

    5.Equipped with colored screen in 10.4 inch, it can display the the name and quantity of the tested objects .As soon as touching the dangerous material, it will alarm and show results in spectra and columnar bar chart of different color.

    6.Can automatically store ,retrieve and output the result data. 

    7.Can connect the Lan and Wifi and has bluetooth and USB interface . 

    Technical Indicator: 

    1.Whether has radiative source: NO 

    2.Detection explosives:Taian, black powder, ammonium nitrate, TNT, RDX, nitroglycerin, octo gold (HMX), dinitrotoluene (DNT), tetryl, 6 nitro stilbene, kino and various kinds of military, civilian and home-made explosives, etc. 

    3.Detection drugs:Cocaine hydrochloride, hydrochloric acid four hydrogen marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine (meth), ketamine hydrochloride (K), morphine hydrochloride, etc. 

    4.How to pick samples: use test paper to wipe the analyte .Even the particle is enough. 

    5. Data base: it is open , you can upgrade it anytime you want. 

    6.Alarming patterns: three options:sound, light,and electric alarm . 

    7. Sensibility: it can detect even the small explosives as nanogram level. 

    8. Analysis time: 6s 

    9. Preheating time:≤20min 

    10. False alarm rate:<1% 

    11. Detection rate:≧ 99% 

    12. Display screen:10.4 inch TFT color screen 

    13.Power:< 300W 

    14.Power supply:AC220V 50Hz 

    15.Working temperature:-10°C ~ 55°C 

    16.Size:380 mm(W)×400 mm(L)×180 mm(H) 

    17.Weight:<15 kilograms Where to use: . Security inspection place like airport ,station ,railway ,etc. . National Security . Public Security

    WE-ZYW03 Bomd detector
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