Counterfeit document detector

  1. Counterfeit money detector
  2. Counterfeit money detector

Counterfeit money detector

  • No.:WE-WJY02
  • Brand :WEIEN
  • Weight:35kg
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Intelligent fake document detector WE-WJY02 uses microprocessor to control excitation light source and receiving bands selection of the instrument, it combines SWGDOC document retrieval software system to realize auto controlling and intelligent analysis on WE-WJY02, SWGDOC document retrieval software not only has conventional document retrieval images processing functions, but also can obtain characteristic curves of documents materials under different excitation and receiving bands to realize analysis and automatic comparison of document retrieval from qualitative to quantitative.

Optical Imaging and Video Displaying 
Working Distance: 200~300mm; 1:1 Physical Displaying Largest View Field: 260X260mm
Optical Magnification: 22X; Electronic Magnification: 10X; Zoom Ratio: 1X~22X
Receiving Filters and Excitation Light Sources Parameters
Infrared Receiving Bands (7 kinds)
Excitation Multi-Bands Light Sources (15 kinds)
Infrared Excitation Light Sources (2 pcs)
Transmission Light Sources (2 kinds): Excitation Ultraviolet Light Sources /Excitation White Light Source
Reflection Light Illumination
Side Light Illumination
Images Process Software
Instrument Operation
Desktop Computer Output Device
Power Supply: 220V AC input, 12V/24V DC output, accords with international safety standard

Counterfeit money detector
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