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    WE-JDU02Electronic Chips Detector

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    1. Detailed information

    With fast glowing of the Electronic Industry, losing of the Electronics Chips caused by either misplaced or stolen become the worst nightmare. Losing of the Chips will cause great lost for the company due to the valuable design of the Chips.

    But most of the security metal detectors in market can’t detect Electronics Chips. Because of this handicap, it is reported the lost of electronics chips caused more than a million per year.

        Take the electronic factory which is 5000 workers for example, the theft rate is three thousandths. 15 of 5000 steal 3 chips twice half month. So it will lose 90 pieces of chips in total. If the price is US$300,so the lost will reach US$27000. That is a BIG AMOUNT!!!

    Now, our latest design WE-JDU02 Electronic Chips Detector will help you solve this problem.


    WE-JDU02 Electronic Chips Detector makes a breakthrough for the traditional concept.


    Our WE-JDU02 can detect the electronic chips hidden in the shoes and leg。


    Ø        Good at detect the Electronic Chips with the accuracy rate .

    Ø        Monitoring system, can record the persons pass in and out. ( Option)

    Ø        Face Recognition, can avoid unauthorized people entering the electronic chips area.(Option)

    Ø        Image transmission function, the record can keep more than 15 days. (Option)


    Technology parameters:

    Ø        Power: 12V rechargeable battery 

    Ø        Rate of workGreen light 0.96WAlarm 2.65W

    Ø        Dimensions:275mm(L)*236mm(W)*270mm(H)

    Ø        N.W3.12kg

    Ø        Max Load150kg

    Ø        Alarm DisplayLCD of Metal Size, Clock display.

    Ø        Alarm Method: Audible and silent vibration alarm, both with LED display.

    Ø        Chinese and English Alarm. (Option)

    Ø        Detection: Shoes and Leg.

    Ø        Type of MetalElectronic Chips, Detonator, Gun, Knife etc.


    Where to use:

          Prisons, Jails, and Detention Centers

          Customs and Border Patrol facilities

          Precious Metal Mines and Refineries

          Coin Counting Facilities

          Protect against violent crime and lawsuit liabilities


          Sanitary Body Cavity Searches

          Loss Prevention Applications

          Jewelry and Watch Manufacturing

          Computer Component Manufacturing

    WE-JDU02Electronic Chips Detector
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