Weien handheld metal detector

    MD-S1LCD Handheld metal detector

    • No.:MD-S1LCD
    • Brand :WEIEN
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    1. Detailed information

    MD-S1LCD is our new handheld detector. With LCD screen, the object will be showed on the screen after our MD-S1 LCD detects the object. 


    1. Selectable alarm modes: audible, vibration, buzz and music. 

    2. LCD display, show the object when it detects. 

    3. Working frequency: 22Khz. 

    4. Power: Two 1.5 volt, AAA long life rechargeable lithium batteries. 

    5. USB & AC110-250 charger 

    6. Working current:<110Ma. 

    7. Low Voltage alarm, automatically turns off below voltage threshold. 

    8. Working temperature range: –15 to 55℃. 

    9. Wrist strap. 

    10. Non-slip handle. 

    11. Certification: CE and RoHS approved. 

    12. Dimensions: 410x85x45 mm; weight:450g. 

    13. Box of 25: 560x450x300 mm 

    Detection distance: 

    1. Pin:30-60mm 

    2. One yuan coin: 75-100mm 

    3. Dia 20mm steel ball: 120mm 

    4. Knife:160-180mm 

    5. Gun:180-195mm 

    Where to use: 

    1. Police, Army & Court 

    2. Entertainment & Exhibition 

    3. Electronics factory

    MD-S1LCD Handheld metal detector
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