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    Finland Metor 300

    • No.:Finland Metor 300
    • Brand :WEIEN
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    1. Detailed information


    1. Enhanced Multi-Zone Principle 

    2. Excellent Detection and Immunity 

    3. Innovative User-Interface 

    4. Appealing Design The Metor 300 is a second generation true multi-zone metal detector. 

    It offers superior performance for demanding high security applications. The Metor 300 can detect multiple threat objects independently in different zones. Due to eight independent detection zones, signals from distributed harmless objects do not combine to produce unnecessary alarms. In addition, independent detection zones enable free sensitivity adjustment of each zone. The Metor 300 is equipped with two integrated zone displays. These identify the level(s) at which detected object(s) are carried. The zone displays enable security personnel to immediately target metal objects and ensure that maximum throughput can be maintained. In addition, the Metor 300 is equipped with traffic lights (green and red) indicating when the passenger can pass through the gate.

    Finland Metor 300
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