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  2. WE-JD001 Shoes Scanner

WE-JD001 Shoes Scanner

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  1. Detailed information

      The Shoes Scanner&Shoes metal detector(Patented product), which is developed by Shanghai WeiEn Security and it's the first device to detect the metal in the shoes in China.  Intergated with walk-through metal detector to guarantee the security.

        Do not take the shoes off, guarantee the pass efficiency



      Automatic Detection of Weapons hidden in shoes and simultaneous discrimination of shoe metal components

      Fast, non-intrusive and effective

      Increase in Screening Throughput

      Conforms to Detection Requirements for Airport Security

      Waterproof, antiskid, compact unit

      Small size, light weight

      Octopus Bottom, avoid to trip.  

      Detect feet at the same time

      Can be used as handheld metal detectors

      Voice alert and LED display

      LED display indicate the size of detected metal objects.

      Detection area: any parts of the feet

     (Optional)Adjustable Sensitivity levels from 0 to 20, digital display.

     (Optional)Remote Infrared control to adjust the sensitivity and volume from a distance.

     (Optional)Monitoring System, Interface of video monitoring available,take a picture of the suspicious people at any time for police.

     (Optional)Solar-powered device,the Shoes Scanner&Shoes metal detector will be charged by sunlight when it's working.

Technical Parameters

      Dimensions: 400x300x100mm

      Power supply: DC15V

      Weight: 1.5Kg.

    Load-bearing: 300Kg

      Working temperature: -25 to +55


Where to use:

      Airports, railway stations

      Prisons& courts Security

      Education institutes& museums

Detection distance:

       Coin  40mm 


       No8 Detonator 40mm



WE-JD001 Shoes Scanner
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