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    WE-JD003 Shoes metal detector

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    Brief Introduction The WE-JD003 shoes metal detector is highly characterized by the capability of metal detecting and discriminating. It is mainly designed for detecting metals hidden in shoes and lower body extremities. It speeds passengers quickly and easily through security inspection without removing their shoes. The WE-JD003 shoe metal detector is a new and unique metal detector for shoes and lower body extremities where the walk-through metal detector is inefficient in detecting metals. It is suited for many applications including airports, railway stations, prisons, stadiums, and any other high security portals such as VIP homes and offices, office buildings, and more. Key Features 1. 1. Detect all kinds of metals. 2. 2. Ignore metal objects normally found inside shoes. 3. 3. Detect metal objects that should not be inside or alongside shoes. 4. 4. Discriminate different metals, such as copper, iron, aluminum, and more. Several sectors on the LCD screen indicate different metals. Operators can easily determine the metals on the basis of the position. 5. 5. Sensitivity: be able to detect objects as small as a cardboard knife blade 6. 6. Detection time: 1.5s per person. 7. 7. Visual LED for operation status indication. “yellow”- “under test” “red”- “warning and pass prohibited” “green”- “pass” 8. 8. Adjustable warning level. 9. 9. Auto-storage of inspection data for later tracing and inquiry, with the max capaciy of 150 thousand persons/times. Technical Specification: 1. 1. Power supply: AC110V – AC 220V. 2. 2. Power consumption: 25W 3. 3. Dimensions :Sensor: 72×49×26cm 4. Sensor: 27 kg

    WE-JD003 Shoes metal detector
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