Dental implant detector

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Dental Implant Detector

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Parts Identification:

metal detector


The item is supplied without the battery installed.

Remove the Battery Cover and install the AA battery

metal detector


Operating the Unit:

1. Turn the Unit on by inserting the Sensor (with the Protective Cover on it) so that the notice “TOP SIDE” faces in the same direction as the logo “CTI” on the Battery Cover.

2. The bottom side of the Sensor should be gently clasped to the gum in the area intended for the implant.

3. The Sensor should be slowly moved along the gum, keeping it in constant contact with the gum.

4. When the LED turns from Blue to Green, the sensor is close enough to the Implant.

5. Keeping the Sensor exactly above the found Implant, insert the tip of the Marker into the hole in the center of the Sensor and mark the Implant position by pushing the Marker into the gum, simultaneously twisting it several times for better marking.

6. Reset the last found implant parameters by bringing the Sensor close to any metal object such as the Marker Handle and keep it attached to the Handle until the indicator switches from Blue to Yellow, then take it away.

The LED will switch back to Blue, indicating that the Unit is ready to be used again.

metal detector


After Using the Unit

1. Turn the Unit off by extracting the Sensor.

2. Remove the Protective Cover.

3. Twist off the Marker from the Marker Handle.

4. Dispose of the used Sensor, Protective Cover and Sensor. 

Dental Implant Detector
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